CondAlign secures NOK 8 million in grant from Innovation Norway

CondAlign is awarded a NOK 8 million Innovation Contract grant from Innovation Norway to scale the unique CondAlign product offering into new, fast growing markets for connecting electronics.

The grant of NOK 8 million is non-dilutive and part of a customer-driven, commercial scaling project running in 2023 and 2024. In this project, CondAlign is working with market-leading customers to enter and scale into new markets. One of the customers is TactoTek, a company using CondAlign products to disrupt electronic consumer, automotive and industrial markets with in-mold solutions.

“The support from Innovation Norway validates CondAlign’s business model and further underlines the high level of interest for our disruptive technology. This grant together with the strong cooperation with our customers gives us the opportunity to develop and deploy a portfolio of products for the global markets even faster”, says CEO Harald Wahl Breivik.

Innovation Norway grants capital through its Innovation Contract instrument to companies with a global growth potential.