Market Opportunities

The CondAlign technology has enormous potential to re-define products and processes.

CondAlign’s technology as integrated components in larger assemblies, enables innovative products.

A general market driver is that most electronics are undergoing miniaturization based on expectations from the users. To achieve this, advanced materials and elements are required, such as CondAlign’s unique conductive films.

Medical Electrodes

The estimated market size of our first commercial entry point, ECG electrodes, is approximately $360M to end customers and growing. We have started commercialization through our collaboration with FLEXcon (MA, US).

This is an important market entry for CondAlign that will benefit both companies. In addition to this, the medical device industry is a business sector with above average margins, and the experience and reference from this project will build credibility in CondAlign’s coming projects.


Electronics is a gigantic market area with numerous sub-markets. We have identified and currently do R&D work with several global companies in some of these sub-markets. This multi-billion-dollar industry is a strong candidate to become the largest contributor to CondAlign’s future business. Further penetration of these segments will lead to significant commercial success and value creation.

Future Markets

We believe the best idea for applying our technology is yet to be identified. Some possible markets like smart textiles and clothing, wearable patches, cosmetics and construction materials, may reveal extremely interesting application areas and business cases on a larger time frame.

CondAlign has chosen to focus on areas and projects with a defined path to the market. We are working on penetrating the most attractive and suitable of these.